Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bouquet of tulips / Bouquet des tulips

A sure sign of spring has to be the appearance of tulips in the stores. Of course, it'll take another month or so until tulips are actually growing in our gardens, but it feels wonderful to see these harbringers of spring even as bouquets.
Watercolour with Lamy Al-Star pen in a Strathmore 500 sketchbook, 17 x 25 cm (6.75 x 9.75 inches).

Un signe certain du printemps doit être l'apparition de tulipes dans les magasins. Bien sûr, ça va prendre environ un mois jusqu'à ce que les tulipes apparaissent dans nos jardins, mais on sent merveilleux de voir ces précurseurs du printemps même en bouquet.
Aquarelle avec stylo Lamy Al-Star dans un carnet Strathmore série 500, 17 x 25 cm (6,75 x 9,75 pouces).

1 comment:

Rene Fijten said...

Again, a very good piece of work. You are improving a lot lately: what I realy like is that the linework is much more in balance with the watercolour. And your use of colours is less saturated, more in balance.
And in this case: the colours of the tulips are fantastic, they seem to give light and catch the sun.
Actually: we had a vase of exactly the same red-vanilla coloured tulips on our dining table. Well, untill yesterday, they were exchanged for a fresh bunch of pure red and yellow ones :)
Keep on going and improving!