Monday, September 1, 2014

The Thousand Islands / Les Mille-Îsles

The Thousand Islands are a collection of islands between Canada and the United States in the Saint Lawrence River between Brockville and Kingston, Ontario - about 82 km in distance. Actually, there are over 1,800 islands in this archipelago, some large enough to hold veritable castles and others so small that they can barely support a shed. Its fantastic to take a cruise on the river zigzagging between all of these beautiful islands. In the picture above, I've sketched Huguenot Island which appears to be a family enclave; and below, I've sketched Zavikon Island which claims to have the smallest international bridge in the world!
Watercolour with Lamy Safari pen and Noodler's Lexington grey ink on Strathmore 400 series paper.

Les Mille-Îles sont une collection d'îles entre le Canada et les États-Unis dans le fleuve Saint-Laurent entre Brockville et Kingston, Ontario - environ 82 km de distance. En fait, il y a plus de 1800 îles dans cet archipel, certains assez grand pour contenir de véritables châteaux et autres si petits qu'ils peuvent à peine soutenir un cabanon. C'est fantastique de faire une croisière sur la rivière en zigzaguant entre toutes ces belles îles. Dans l'image ci-dessus, j'ai esquissé l'île Huguenot qui semble être une enclave de famille; et ci-dessous, j'ai dessiné l'île Zavikon qui prétend avoir le plus petit pont international dans le monde!
Aquarelle avec plume Lamy Safari et encre grise Lexington de Noodlers sur Strathmore papier de la série 400.

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Rene Fijten said...

The top drawing is very good, but you have to be careful, sometimes you put objects in the image that draw away attention, like the white boat. The drawing would have been better without in my opinion. You should always think: does an object add to the subject that I want to draw, the story I want to tell.
And to be honest, I often go wrong myself on that issue.